A diverse team of bridge engineers and technicians in safety gear and high-visibility yellow jackets are seated together on a bridge, showcasing teamwork and a commitment to safety in a lush green valley.


Abseil Access has supplied industry-leading services, including bridge design, bridge engineering & construction, geotechnical slope stabilisation and rockfall protectionconservation, and rope access services across many sectors since 1992, completing thousands of projects across these service lines.

By 2021, Abseil Access has delivered 72 bridge design, engineering, and construction projects and completed over 40 lighthouses, radars dome, marine beacon painting, remediation and maintenance campaigns. We have delivered some of the largest geotechnical projects across New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, such as being at the forefront of recovery work in both the Christchurch and Kaikoura earthquakes and completing +10,000m2 of HR30 drapes on coastal cliffs in American Samoa. On top of these core service lines, we are passionate conservationists who work hard to protect New Zealand’s indigenous animals and plant life to the Kaikoura.

To showcase our range of capabilities and experience in the industry, we have provided a variety of project examples. These examples not only highlight the breadth and flexibility of our services but also offer a clear demonstration of how we tailor our provisions to meet the unique needs of your project. This adaptability is a key aspect of our service, ensuring that we can meet your requirements without compromising on quality, safety, or cost-efficiency.

A newly constructed suspension bridge spans a calm river, reflected in the water below, flanked by green banks with construction materials visible under a bright sky.

Ahikiwi and Parore Bridges

Entrance to a wooden suspension bridge with cable supports leading through a dense, leafy forest under the dappled sunlight.

The Wainui Catchment Track Network Bridge