Three technicians in white protective suits and harnesses perform maintenance on a massive, white geodesic dome under a clear blue sky. Ropes secure them and appear small compared to the vast size of the spherical structure, emphasising their work's scale and specialised nature.

Communications Infrastructure

The New Zealand telecommunications infrastructure covers the networks that carry our voice and data between users across the country and our connections with the rest of the world, impacting our livability and productivity. Telecommunications are more central to our lives at home and work than ever before, so it has been Abseil Access’s privilege over the past 30 years to support our telecoms evolution.

Some fun facts from the history of the telecoms sector include the first telegraph in New Zealand opening between the port of Lyttelton and Christchurch on 16 June 1862, and the first overseas telegraph cable between Australia and New Zealand began operation on 21 February 1876.

Our telecommunications infrastructure is constantly evolving as new 5G and converged infrastructure capabilities emerge, enabling the use of cutting-edge technologies. The Abseil Access team looks forward to supporting the sector’s development. Some of our specialist services to the industry include

Rope access technicians performing communication infrastructure works.
Our communications infrastructure services include:

Radio Masts

Radio masts and towers are tall structures that support antennas for telecommunications and broadcasting. There are two main types: guyed and self-supporting structures, and Abseil Access and its team have a wealth of experience supporting the ongoing maintenance, upgrade, and inspection of these structures.

Interestingly, the highest mast in NZ was in Titahi Bay, which was the highest structure in the Southern Hemisphere at the time of construction.

Radio masts and communication infrastructure.
Some of our services on masts and towers include:

Cellular Towers

Cell towers, or cell sites, are where electric communications equipment and antennae are mounted, allowing the surrounding area to use wireless communication devices like mobile telephones.

As our communications reliance increases, it has become ever more critical that preventative maintenance regimes and reactive repairs are completed promptly.

Cell tower communication infrastructure.
Our cellular tower services include:

Radar Domes

Radar domes are critical in New Zealand’s aviation infrastructure and weather reporting. Abseil Access has been a key part in the ongoing maintenance of these radar domes since 1996, including projects on radars at Hawkins Hill, Balance, Ohaakea, Mt Robertson, Cass Peak and Hokitika Rain.

Radar dome structures are not designed for ease of access, so Abseil Access has been consistently engaged to complete these works using specialist access and rope access annually.

Radar Domes for Commercial Infrastructure projects.
Some of our specialist services on radar infrastructures include: