Building maintenance specialists.

Building Maintenance

New Zealand’s intense light and extreme weather conditions mean protecting buildings and other structures is an ongoing effort that requires skill and expertise. Abseil Access provides a comprehensive building maintenance package to maintain and repair, buildings, water reservoirs, subdivisions, airports, tunnels, and dams.

As the building sector is so diverse, our team will analyse each situation individually and construct a package specifically tailored to the needs of the client. This ensures that clients get high-quality results without the high-end price tag.

Two of the Abseil Access team performing building maintenance on internal roof structure.
Our building maintenance services include:

Industrial Buildings

Abseil Access’ rope access and maintenance services provide high-quality support to industrial facilities across New Zealand.

Our services cover industrial buildings such as factories or other large premises primarily used for manufacturing or storing raw materials or goods.

Industrial building services - Abseil Access.
Our industrial building services include:

Commercial and Public Buildings

The Commercial building industry operated at near-record levels of activity between 2016 to 2020 and is forecasted to continue at a high operating state until 2025.

The 2021 New Zealand public Infrastructure budget investment also totals $57.3 billion over 5 years meaning these sectors are at the core of the NZ core of our economic recovery plan.

Abseil Access rope acess tech working on rugby station maintenance scope.
Abseil Access provide services such as:

Project Examples

Lighthouse Paint & Blast.
Lighthouse Paint & Blast
Cape Foulwind Cement Plant Inspection.
Cape Foulwind Cement Plant