Abseil Access

Abseil Access has supplied industry-leading services including bridge design, bridge engineering & construction, Geotechnical slope stabilisation and rockfall protection, conservation, and rope access services across a multitude of sectors since 1992. In that time, the Abseil Access team have come to understand the frequently encountered challenges our customers face and how we can provide maximum value. Our offices are located in Wellington, Christchurch, Nelson, and New Plymouth to support operations in even the most remote parts of New Zealand.


Our Award Winning Builds

An aerial shot of a narrow, newly completed suspension bridge crossing over a tranquil river, surrounded by dense forest in a serene setting.
Nile River Bridge
Winner of the 2022 NZBridges Small-Medium National Bridge Award.
A suspension bridge with wooden planks and steel cables, with workers conducting inspections, stretches across a river bordered by a dense forest.
Pakuratahi Bridge
Winner of the 2022 CCNZ Wellington AB Equipment Award – Under $600k.
A rustic suspension bridge with a wooden walkway traversing a rugged landscape, with a backdrop of a serene lake and mountainous terrain.
Specularite Gully Bridge
Winner of the 2022 AB Equipment Award for Projects under $600,000.