Abseil Access was established in 1992 as the first industrial rope access company in New Zealand. In that time, we have delivered thousands of safe and efficient access projects across the country. Now part of the Vertech Group, we are proud to be one of the largest providers of specialist access and rope access systems in the Asia Pacific region.

As a holistic access provider, we are recognised both nationally and internationally for our ability to offer the best access systems for each situation and achieve our clients’ key requirements. Our vision is to educate those in the industry on the benefits and disadvantages of each system, while driving safety, cost, and time efficiency. Some of our access services and capabilities include:

  • Industrial Rope Access
  • Engineered Decking
  • Telescopic Modular Truss Boom
  • Elevated Work Platform Access
  • Fall Arrest Safety Netting
  • Tension Netting Systems
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Helicopter Access
  • Remote Digital Visual Systems (RDVI)
  • APS Technitruss Bridge System
  • Mini ROV Subsea System


Abseil Access was the first industrial rope access company in New Zealand, delivering thousands of hours of safe and efficient at height operations for our clients since our establishment in 1992.
Rope access is recognised as one of the safest height access methods in the world making difficult-to-reach locations and many projects accessible in a safe, efficient, and economical manner.
Abseil Access supports our local rope access association, The Industrial Rope Access Association of New Zealand (IRAANZ) which regulates and develops the rope access industry in New Zealand, recognised by Occupational Safety and Health as the representative body for the industry.


To achieve full coverage of the internal circumference of structures such as Cyclones, ring driers, ducting, and silos up to 15 Meters in diameter, Abseil Access designed and built a proprietary aluminium telescopic modular truss boom.
This innovative, lightweight system is fully adjustable and suspended from a single mid-point. The Abseil Access rope access inspectors or tradesman work in pairs within the space and rotate the truss boom to achieve 100% coverage of each elevation of the asset.
Our innovative solution to accessing these internal surfaces has been especially effective on dairy and agriculture assets across New Zealand.


Abseil Access offers a comprehensive service offering CSE; planning, management, entry, and rope access entry which has been refined and improved since 1992.

Confined spaces are enclosed or partially enclosed structures that may be entered by any person. Preventing injury or death requires identifying confined spaces and assessing the risk of performing work inside them.
Careful consideration of all risks needs to be completed including controls such as breathing apparatus (BA), Emergency and rescue procedures, rescue equipment, ventilation, communication, adequate training, and management.


Fall arrest and tension netting systems are ultra-lightweight solutions to protect plant, process, and people. They can be used where a secondary fall protection method is required, when working at height or work fronts at multiple elevations within the same load path occur and projects not requiring heavy lifting, heavy traffic or encapsulation.

These rated ultra-lightweight systems can be erected and dismantled at an unprecedented speed in areas where access would otherwise be limited to large scaffolding or decking systems. They are minimally affected by wind or water loading and costs a fraction of other access systems available.


Geo Oceans which is part of our Group is an industry-leading asset deployed mini-ROV services company. Their passion and drive is to innovate projects below the waterline, driving cost, time and safety efficiency across the sectors they operate.

The cutting-edge Mini ROV systems which have been deployed to the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe are capable of NDT, HD visual inspection, 3D Modelling & photogrammetry, HP water blasting, environmental surveys and general maintenance to remove the need to put divers at risk and delivering a value proposition that creates a paradigm shift in the delivery of subsea services.


Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are remotely operated aircraft. Abseil access and our sister company Vertech NZ have a fleet of UAV’s which we use to conduct inspection, surveying, and planning in order to remove the need for working at height or confined space entry.

The UAV technology today is safe, reliable with HD image quality capable of asset inspections, aerial surveying & mapping, and other specialist services when equipped with specific sensors or tooling.

The Abseil Access team have deployed our UAV's across a range of industry sectors achieving cost and time benefits to our customers and to our own project planning.


The APS proprietary Technitruss access platform system is a multi-functional, modular, and engineered access system which provides heavy loading capabilities.

The system provides complete flexibility in its installation through a multi-faceted and modular configuration.

The in-house APS Engineered Access Platform system has been utilised across the power generation sector, oil and gas sector and infrastructure sector including major landmarks in Australia such as Melbourne’s, West Gate Bridge providing significant cost, time, and safety benefits to the customers.


Vertech’s engineered decking system is a lightweight, versatile modular work platform that can be designed in either a truss or catenary wire approach.

It can be utilized for long under-deck areas such as bridges, jetties, wharfs, or it can be configured for smaller working or work positioning platforms with a multitude of benefits.

This innovative system is up to 80% lighter than scaffold, can be configured to be fully compatible with scaffold if required, can be configured to have zero contact points and with full containment. The systems can be installed up to 80% faster than traditional access systems in optimal scenarios.