In 1992, mountain climbing enthusiasts, Martin Wilson and DJ Matheson, set up NZ ‘s first rope access company. Martin’s engineering background and DJ’s rope safety expertise were the perfect combination to ensure Abseil Access’ success during this early era of rope access in New Zealand. In 2019, Abseil Access was acquired by world inspection and specialist maintenance leader Vertech Group.

This acquisition underlined the values that both Vertech Group and Abseil Access share: empowerment and success of our people, safety and wellbeing of all stakeholders affected by our business, the quality of our product, and constantly disrupting/innovating traditional methods.

Our ability to react and adapt to ever-changing environments in a variety of industries reflects the ownership all our personnel take in delivering the best possible product for our clients.

With the most diverse project portfolio in the alternative access space, Abseil Access has leveraged an extremely attractive workplace culture to become the employer of choice in this sector.



A qualified engineer and active mountain climber, Abseil Access co-founder Martin is a director who likes to get his hands dirty. An early indication of Martin’s intent to ensure that safety is a core element of the company’s work ethic was Martin’s involvement in setting up the Industrial Rope Access Association of NZ 1997. Martin has project managed the re-painting of 23 New Zealand lighthouses as well as ensuring the asset integrity of civil aviation radar domes, cement storage silos, and hydrostation penstocks. He is a fully certified shot firer and has 20 years of explosive expertise. His passion is designing and constructing suspension bridges.

FACTS: BEng Hons (Leeds) – Mining and Mineral engineering; 30 years of project management in geotechnical, coatings, inspection and construction projects, New Zealand wide; 72 suspension bridge builds in NZ and the pacific islands; 26 years of installations, inspection, repairs, and coatings in the energy sector, radars and marine beacons; Approved Handler Explosives Blasting (1.1B, 1.1D, 1.4S)


Charles has a diverse trade/inspection background in the oil and gas/maritime industries dating back to 2009 – regularly working for parent company Vertech Group since 2010. In 2017, Charles found a love for the commercial aspect within Vertech Group and moved into project management. Since starting with Abseil Access in 2019, he has successfully delivered geotechnical, infrastructure, and building maintenance projects all over New Zealand. Charles has a firm belief that working hard to build strategic partnerships and strong relationships results in more cost/time efficient solutions to all parts of the project lifecycle.


Andrew ran his own successful engineering business in South Africa before moving to New Zealand. He has a background in project management, mechanical design, quality control, site supervision and inspection. He relishes diversity and challenges in all these areas.

FACTS: 20+ years Engineering experience in the structural, mechanical and civil fields both on site and factory based; Experience with the design of large structure movement systems; 3 Years Project management; 16 Years Factory management.


A former guide in the Southern Alps, Alex has wide spread experience in risk management and construction of some of the largest and most challenging rockfall protection structures in the world. His experience in the rope access industry involves inspection and testing in the oil and gas industry across the Asia Pacific. Alex has also supervised rockfall netting and fence construction in West Papua (the first two 8,000kJ fences to be installed worldwide). Widely regarded as a leader in industry safety standards, Alex helped NCTIR formulate their safety plan in the Kaikoura recovery.

FACTS: IRATA L3 trained; Confined Space Entry & Gas Testing; Ultrasonic Inspection PCN Level 2 (thickness testing); Eddy Current Inspection PCN Level 1 Welds; BOSIET Offshore Survival; Hard Ice Guide (NZ Mountain Guides Association); Vertical Ropes (NZ Search & Rescue); Foundation Ropes (NZ Search & Rescue); Chainsaw Operator Certificate; Hospital Emergency Care First Aid.


Working in the Rope Access Industry since 2000, Erle excels at adapting quickly, is highly-motivated and flexible with exceptional problem-solving skills. Diligent and focused, Erle demonstrates excellent attention to detail along with the motivation and multi-tasking abilities required to meet demanding deadlines. Erle is also passionate about family, having fun with fast engines, or being surrounded by the ocean.

FACTS: IRATA no 3/9365, NDT Qualifications such as Radiography, Eddy Current, Ultrasonic, Penetrant testing and Visual Inspection. NSL Aerial Rigger. OPITO BOSIET Offshore Survival.