Corrosion and degradation of substrates occurs when the selected coating protection system begins to fail. Coatings are comprised of a complex mixture of raw materials applied to provide protection from the elements and other environmental factors.

The Abseil Access team provides coating remediation services on at height structures to ensure the continued protection of our client’s assets. Over the years, Abseil Access have completed large scale projects on lighthouses, shipping channel markers, silos, towers, industrial, communication, and marine infrastructures providing services such as:

  • Project & Program Management
  • Rope Access & Specialist Access
  • Coating Inspection & Testing
  • Abrasive or Water Blasting
  • High Mobility Patch Repairs
  • Passivation of Stainless Steel
  • Coating System Application
  • Complete Repaint to Code


Deterioration of concrete structures can become a real challenge for the owners and cost significant amounts if not identified and dealt with early.

Abseil Access provides ongoing condition monitoring with repairs and remediation to concrete structures, often at height and in difficult to access areas, in order to maintain the structural integrity of these assets Abseil Access provide services including:

  • Rope Access & Specialist Access
  • Concrete Condition Surveying
  • Safe Removal of Spalling Material
  • Epoxy Bonding Repairs
  • Elastomeric Concrete Repairs
  • Concrete Injection Repairs
  • Concrete Crack Repairs
  • Structural Strengthening


The Abseil Access maintenance division has worked on a wide range of structures, across multiple market sectors including bridges, high-rise buildings, lighthouses, silos, hydro stations, chimneys, dams, industrial, and communications infrastructure.

Our team has provided safe, efficient, and innovative maintenance and repairs solutions underpinned by rope access and specialist access systems. Our primary services include:

  • Industrial Rope Access
  • Steel Lattice Inspection
  • Bolt Torque Testing
  • Mechanical and Weld Repairs
  • Height Safety System Installation
  • ICCP System Install
  • Sacrificial Anodes Install
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Façade Replacement & Repair
  • Lightning Rod Installation & Replacement


The Abseil Access dairy maintenance teams include rope access and multi-skilled tradespeople who provide intelligent solutions to routine or complex asset maintenance activities. Our equipment and personnel comply with strict hygiene requirements for food processing plants with strict sterilization protocols on completion of each project.

Common areas of maintenance and repairs included silos, vessels, ducts, driers and cyclones providing services such as:

  • Project Planning & Management
  • Rope Access & Specialist Access
  • Height Safety System Installation
  • Dry Sweeping of Powder Bins
  • Coating Remediation
  • Weld Repairs
  • Bolt Torque Testing
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Exterior Building Washing and Repairs
  • Mechanical Maintenance



Abseil Access was contracted to remove the chainmail and install vertical pickets on the Iconic “vortex” façade, wrapped around the Christchurch Airport Air Traffic Control Tower.

Using a five-person rope access team, Abseil Access provided constant removal and installation of the picket elements. Back up and rescue systems were pre-rigged into our access solution.


The Springvale Suspension Bridge was built in 1923 and was New Zealand’s first engineering heritage structure.

Abseil Access was engaged to perform a major refurbishment of the timber bridge with services including; replacing 10% of the timber decking, applying corrosion protection to steelwork, improving of access points and maintenance of the main cable, anchor block and anchor bar.


Our team was tasked with performing inspection and maintenance work on the 146m aluminium smelter chimney.

The concrete structure requires regular inspection and various maintenance tasks(concrete structure inspections, coverage surveys and repairs), which are not practicable by any other means but rope access.

This method also allowed for movement onto different portions of the stack as the weather or task changes, with no equipment left exposed.


Abseil access were engaged to complete detailed rope access “find and fix” on bridge 19 which is located on the Midland line of the South Island in Springfield. This 6-month campaign included Close Visual Inspection (CVI), treatment, and re-installation of all accessible hold down bolts. The principal maintenance repairs included replacing bolts, damaged structural members, coating touch ups removal of 400m of rail system material from the lower chord, replacement of all loose rivets, corrosion treatment between plates and cleaning and greasing of bridge bearings.


Producing aluminium at 98.98% grade of purity, the 146m main chimney stack at Tiwai Point Invercargill is the centrepiece of the NZ aluminium smelter. The concrete chimney requires regular inspection, and maintenance tasks which can only be performed by rope access. Abseil Access have provided inspection and repairs for NZAS since 2002. This project included rope/specialist access, concrete structure inspection, concrete coverage survey, safe removal of spalling material, concrete repairs and conduit install. Our equipment and methodology minimised weather impacts enabling completion in 10 days.


Abseil Access Ltd were contracted to inspect the 4 cement storage silos, 3 chimneys and 5 water storage silos using rope access and specialist access systems. The chimneys are 50m and the silos up to 40m high. Spall sites were marked, measured, and recorded. Serious concrete deterioration at the top of two of the chimneys resulted in removal of 15m of concrete and brick lining. This required installing a temporary upper platform, scaffold and crane lifting operations. The inspection of cement and water storage silos was followed with a full repair programme for all spall sites.


As part of a national rebrand, Abseil Access Ltd were contracted to remove all the existing Milburn logos, apply a white coating system, and apply the new 3 colour Holcim super graphic.

This nationwide project involved 17 logos on 9 sites with steel and concrete silos up to 40m high. Resene paints were selected along with UV stabilised epoxy acrylics compatible with the variety of existing coating encountered. Three teams of rope access painters and technicians were required to complete the project within the time frame.


Abseil Access Ltd were contracted to remediate a 110-year-old, 16 Meter high, cast iron lighthouse located in Kahurangi National Park. The site was challenging with no onsite water, power, accommodation, communication, or road access. This meant establishing the site required transportation of 16 tons of equipment by helicopter. The project required removal and containment of the original lead-based paint. The bare cast iron was then garnet blasted to SA2 before six coats of Resene epoxy paint were applied. The eight-person team completed the project within the designated seven weeks.