New Zealand is blessed when it comes to the Agriculture and Dairy sectors due to its climate, soil and pristine water sources that create the perfect environment. In the 2020 financial year, dairy industry exports from New Zealand had a value of 20.1 billion New Zealand dollars making this industry paramount to each New Zealander and our future prosperity.

The Abseil Access team has provided specialist services to our growing agriculture industry including grain and dairy for over 30 years. Our team is inherently aware that properly inspected and maintained infrastructure will enable continued benefits to Kiwi business and employment. We are committed and passionate to continue delivering world-class and innovative services including:

Dairy Fun Fact: In 2019, New Zealand was the world’s biggest exporter of Concentrated Milk (at $5.73Bn). In 2020, NZ produced about 21.9 million metric tons of milk, now that’s a lot of calcium!

  • Confined Space & Access Management
  • Specialist and Rope Access Services
  • Mechanical and Welding Services
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Cyclones, Ring Driers, and Silo Inspection
  • Dairy Asset Maintenance Services
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Inspection
  • In-Service Plant Inspection (ISI)
  • Remote Digital Visual Inspection (RDVI)
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)


Confined spaces are enclosed or partially enclosed structures that may be entered by any person. Preventing injury or death requires identifying confined spaces and assessing the risk of performing work inside them. Careful consideration of all risks needs to be completed including controls such as breathing apparatus (BA), emergency and rescue procedures, rescue equipment, ventilation, communication, and adequate management. Abseil Access provides CSE services including:

  • CSE Planning & Management
  • Rescue Services and Procedures
  • Rope Access & Specialist Access
  • Rescue & BA Equipment
  • Atmospheric Testing & Monitoring
  • CSE Maintenance and Repair
  • CSE Industrial Cleaning
  • CSE Inspection & Testing


All equipment has a finite life and deteriorates over time with use. Abseil Access and its sister company Vertech NZ, provide comprehensive in-service inspection services across a range of Agriculture and Dairy facilities to assist our clients to manage their assets’ integrity. As Abseil Access is part of a global integrity management group, we are able to offer solutions and services including:

  • Project & Program Management
  • Industrial Rope Access
  • Steelwork and Coating Inspection
  • Risk Based Inspection (RBI)
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Inspection
  • In Service Plant Inspection (ISI)
  • Remote Digital Visual Inspection (RDVI)
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)


The agriculture sector is cyclic and seasonal. In the Dairy sector for example, milk quality is all about being pro-active, and planning for the dairy shutdowns and maintenance tasks for the dry season. Abseil Access has been supporting the industry since 1996 attaining a deep understanding of its peak periods and typical shutdown and outage maintenance tasks. Our services include:


The Abseil Access maintenance teams include rope access and multi-skilled tradesmen who provide intelligent solutions to routine or complex asset maintenance activities. Our core Agriculture and Dairy services to these assets include:

  • Project Planning & Management
  • Specialist & Rope Access Services
  • Rope Access Welding
  • Mechanical & Rigging Services
  • Concrete Remediation
  • Secondary & Tertiary Steelwork Remediation
  • Height Safety System Install & Inspect
  • High Mobility Painting & Blasting
  • Industrial Cleaning