Power & Utilities

Having secure, affordable energy delivered to our homes combined with reliable and efficient utilities such as water, sewage services, dams, and natural gas enables New Zealand to thrive, improves our economy and the quality of life for each New Zealander. An interesting fact from the power generation market segment is that NZ is one of the lowest carbon dioxide emitting countries from electricity generation in the world through our heavy usage (over 82%) of renewable energy sources.

Abseil Access provides a suite of specialist services to support routine maintenance, shutdowns and turnarounds (TAR’s) as well as having a wealth of experience both nationally and internationally, in supporting inspection and integrity management. As part of the Vertech Group of companies, we are able to offer world-class inspection, RDVI robotics, and NDT capabilities to complement our core service lines including rope access, confined space entry, specialist maintenance, and geotechnical services across a broad spectrum of power and utility assets.

Shutdown & Turnaround Services

Power plant and utility asset shutdowns and turnarounds are intense periods of activity aimed at maintaining and/or increasing the plant’s reliability, availability, and efficiency. Abseil Access understands that these critical activities can add significant value to the community and asset owner if planned and delivered well.

The Abseil Access and Vertech NZ shutdown and turnaround teams provide a suite of high quality, high value, and innovative services to save costs and improve safety.

Power shutdown and turnaround services.
Our power shutdown and turnaround services provided includes:

Maintenance Services

Power and utility assets play an essential role in fulfilling the ever-increasing demand for electricity and critical services, but like any machine, they require inspection and maintenance.

The Abseil Access maintenance teams include rope access and multi-skilled tradespeople who provide intelligent solutions to routine or complex asset maintenance activities.

Power and utility maintenance services.
Our core power services to these assets include:

Integrity & Inspection Services

All engineered equipment has a finite life and deteriorates over time with use. Abseil Access and its sister company Vertech NZ, provide comprehensive in-service inspection services across a range of power generation and utilities facilities to assist our clients to manage their assets’ integrity.

Through qualified and experienced personnel and industry leading integrity services we actively reduce cost, risk, and keep people and the environment safe while meeting code, statutory and legislative requirements.

Power and utility integrity inspection services.
Our power and utility integrity inspection services include: