A rope access technician in a high-visibility orange suit and helmet is suspended along a large concrete dam's steep, weather-stained face. The worker, secured by multiple safety lines, is engaged in maintenance or inspection tasks, emphasising the specialised skills required for vertical work environments.

Renewable Energy

Energy is one of the most basic requirements in today’s world, and our dependence on electrical power continues to grow yearly. Through advancements in technology and our enhanced understanding of our impact on the planet, there is a global movement towards renewable energy resources to reduce our environmental impact and make our energy consumption sustainable.

Abseil Access is not only a keen conservationist, but we are passionate about being at the forefront of this global movement towards utilising future renewable energy sources.

The Abseil Access service lines and specialisations are particularly suited to wind farms (onshore and offshore), hydroelectric, geothermal, and biomass plants.

Abseil Access provides a suite of specialist services to support the construction of these facilities, as well as routine maintenance and repair. When combined with our group’s inspection, robotics, and NDT capabilities, Abseil Access’s core services (engineering, rigging, maintenance, specialist and rope access) provide significant cost, time, and resource benefits to renewable projects across New Zealand.

Renewable energy access specialist.
Our services to the renewable energy sector includes:

Wind Farms

With support from our specialist inspection and access sister company Vertech NZ, we have positioned ourselves across the North and South Islands of New Zealand to provide high-quality support to the inspection and ongoing maintenance or repair of the tower, hub, nacelle, and blades.

Abseil Access is passionate about being at the forefront of the renewable energy movement.

Wind farm maintenance and repair.
Our services for wind farms include:


Hydroelectric energy is a form of renewable energy that uses the power of moving water to generate electricity. Having been a part of our country’s energy system for over 100 years, Hydroelectric power continues to provide more than half of the country’s electricity needs.

Abseil Access has completed projects for customers, including Trustpower at the Kaimai, Wheao and Cobb Hydroelectric Power Stations, Meridian Energy’s Manapouri underground hydroelectric Power Station and numerous others.

A worker in red and orange safety gear uses a drill suspended from ropes on a large vertical concrete dam face. Water streaks mark the dam surface, surrounded by dense green foliage, emphasising the challenging and remote conditions for industrial maintenance tasks.
Our services for hydroelectrics include: