A picturesque suspension bridge with steel towers and cables crosses a tranquil river surrounded by lush forest. The bridge, constructed from timber planks, reflects the surrounding greenery in the calm waters below. A sign on the bridge indicates it is the 'Waihohonu Bridge,' highlighting its role in facilitating access through this serene natural landscape.

Bridge EPC

The Abseil Access team proudly offers our clients a turnkey engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) service package for swing and suspension bridges. This specialist bridge package has been refined and continuously improved over 75 bridges to date, both nationally and internationally.

Our capabilities include bridge design & engineering, approvals, surveying, specialist and rope access, drilling, anchoring, grouting and erection.

Testimonials From Our Clients

“It was a pleasure working with the Abseil Access bridge team. They looked after every aspect of the design, engineering, consenting and build and our bridge was completed and signed off within budget and on time. I would recommend them to anyone”

John O’Neill – Network Manager – Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency

“Abseil Access has been a chosen contractor for bridge building for the Department of Conservation since 2006. I personally have had the pleasure with working with them on unique projects like the 4 Paparoa track bridges, the 2 Westland Wilderness trail bridges, 8 bridges on the Heaphy track and many others in South Westland and Fiordland national parks. Their team of guys are extremely capable, hardworking and produce great results.”

Jonathan Calder – Engineering Manager – Pou Matua Mātanga Kaihanga – Department of Conservation – Te Papa Atawhai

Bridge Engineering & Design

Aerial view of a narrow suspension bridge crossing over a broad riverbed with sparse water, surrounded by lush greenery. The bridge features a wooden walkway supported by tall yellow and black steel towers. The scene captures a serene yet rugged outdoor setting, emphasising the bridge's connection to remote areas.

We work closely with the client to understand the project requirements and produce aesthetic bridge designs that match these specifications. Our standard bridge designs suit widths up to 2.5m and loadings up to 4kPa ‘unlimited pedestrian’. Our in-house modelling experts produce 3D visualisations of the finished bridge structure and engineering calculations to assist our clients in visualising the final build before signing off.

At Abseil Access, we take immense pride in our work. We produce designs and bridges that are not just economic to build and fit for purpose, but also durable, ensuring client satisfaction. We bring together our range of geotechnical experts, trade services, specialist access, project management, and engineering capabilities to provide world-class bridge EPC services, a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Abseil Access has completed the end-to-end process of design, engineering, local approvals, and construction of swing bridge and suspension bridges across some of the most stunning parts of New Zealand, PNG, and Vanuatu, and you’ll find an Abseil Access bridge in Chile, South America!

Bridge Consents & Approvals

Local approvals that ensure a bridge’s design and engineering complies with the NZ building codes are a key stage in a successful bridge project and can be the difference in ensuring project timelines can be met.

As part of the Abseil access turnkey bridge package, we offer a comprehensive service to navigate and attain the necessary approvals to enable the bridge construction to commence.

Construction of a wooden suspension bridge in a dense forest. The incomplete bridge features a series of wooden planks along its length, with metal cables and beams supporting the structure. Sunlight filters through the leafy canopy above, illuminating the natural surroundings and the construction materials on the ground.
Our bridge consent and approval services include:
  • Develop Site Plans Showing Locality of the Structure
  • Geological and Hydrology Assessments
  • Design Certification by CPENG/ Registered Architect (PS1, PS2)
  • Designed to Standards
  • Procurement of Resource and Building Consents
  • Proposed Construction Monitoring of the Construction by CPENG
  • Independent QA/QC Systems During Construction
  • Site Safety Management Plans
  • Site Monitoring the Construction Work
  • Issuing of PS4 at Completion

Drilling Anchoring & Grouting

Construction workers in high-visibility orange gear operating on a steep slope next to a large body of water. They use specialised equipment for slope stabilisation and securing netting to prevent rockfalls. The equipment on a makeshift platform includes mechanical tools and pulleys, demonstrating a complex, safety-focused outdoor engineering operation in a challenging environment.

Abseil Access has over 20 years of specialising in the full range of rope access, geotechnical assessments, drilling, and blasting services. These specialisations seamlessly complement our bridge construction department and projects.

Our fleet of drill rigs and top-hammer systems can be implemented by land, air and sea, meaning no matter how challenging the bridge build location, we can confidently anchor into any ground type, excavate ground, and install concrete anchors where necessary.

Abseil Access is certified for using high explosives under EPA Class 1.1 and Nonex (low explosives) under EPA Class 1.4. Our shot firers are certified and meet the new Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2017. This capability is a further value add where gorges require careful profile blasting as part of the bridge construction project.

Bridge Construction

Abseil Access provides multi-skilled rope access bridge construction teams who, over the 75 builds to date, have become world leaders in this field. Our site leadership liaise closely with the bridge engineering team, client, and other bridge stakeholders to ensure each project’s safe and efficient delivery.

Our rope access bridge teams are fully conversant with New Zealand codes & standards and have a depth of experience and skill that is unparalleled from site set-up through to project completion.

An aerial view of a narrow suspension bridge with wooden planks and metal cables, crossing over a tranquil, mirror-like river reflecting the surrounding lush greenery and bridge structure.
Our bridge construction services include:
  • Specialist Access & Rope Access
  • Helicopter Access & Supply
  • Rescue and Access Boats
  • Tower Construction and Erection
  • Main Cable Installation
  • Rigging and Lifting Specialists
  • Carpentry & Timber Install
  • Staining & Treatment
  • On Site Living Capability
  • Environmental Management
  • Load Testing to Specification
  • Quality Assurance & Quality Control

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