First-person perspective of a narrow suspension bridge for pedestrians, flanked by tall wooden poles and metal cables. A warning sign indicates a maximum load of 10 persons. The bridge deck is wet, suggesting recent rain, and it stretches over a densely forested gorge, conveying a sense of height and immersion in nature.

Macpherson Creek, West Coast Wilderness Trail

The Wilderness trail is a 120km 4 day cycle ride through rain forest and historic gold mining towns on the South Island Westcoast. The Kumara bridge crosses a chasm next to the Taramakau River. Abseil Access won the tender to design, engineer and construct the 75m long suspension bridge across the chasm.

A 1.5m wide deck and 10-person load limit was incorporated make it suitable for large cycle parties and small maintenance vehicles. Engineering review identified the tower footings and ground anchors required 16m3 of concrete. On completion the bridge was successfully load tested to 5000kg.

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