Aerial view of a slender suspension bridge stretching across a deep gorge, surrounded by a dense tropical forest. The bridge's metal frame and wooden planks highlight its rugged construction, essential for traversing the lush, green landscape below.

Vanuatu Swing Bridge

Jungle Zipline approached Abseil Access for a turn-key solution for a 120m long swing bridge over a spectacular gorge on their zipline adventure tourism site. To speed the process along, they offered full use of their local construction crew as a joint venture. The design and engineering of the bridge needed to have a load capacity of 20 people. As it was also a key tourism site, the bridge had to be safe for families with small children.

All of the bridge’s components were manufactured in New Zealand and shipped to the site in a 20’ container. Prior to our team’s arrival, the local crew set to work building the foundations according to our design criteria. Once our specialist team arrived on site, the cable installation and deck construction was completed. Some of the locals even had rope access training and were able to assist with the build.

The total turnaround time from concept to handover was four months.

Vanuatu Swing Bridge.
The work included:

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