A rope access technician in a blue helmet and red coveralls performs maintenance work on industrial equipment. Secured by a harness, the worker wields a tool while attending to the task at a significant height above a metal grating, illustrating the precise and skilled nature of high-angle technical work.

Tiwai Point, Concrete Stack

Producing aluminium at 98.98% grade of purity, the 146m main chimney stack at Tiwai Point Invercargill is the centrepiece of the NZ aluminium smelter. The concrete chimney requires regular inspection and maintenance tasks which can only be performed by rope access.

Abseil Access provided inspection and repairs for NZAS since 2002. This project included rope/specialist access, concrete structure inspection, concrete coverage survey, safe removal of spalling material, concrete repairs, and conduit installation. Our equipment and methodology minimised weather impacts enabling completion in 10 days.

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