Abseil Access Joins Civil Constructors NZ and Triumphs in Annual Awards

As Abseil Access continues to grow, joining the Civil Constructors NZ (CCNZ) group has proven to be highly beneficial. Noel from the Wellington/Wairarapa office of CCNZ visited the Abseil Access head office and was immediately impressed with the company’s in-house bridge construction expertise. He enthusiastically encouraged the team to enter a structure into the annual awards.

Pakuaratahi Bridge: A Unique Engineering Feat

The Pakuaratahi Bridge was an excellent contender for the awards. Located over the Hutt River deep in the native bush of Kaitoke Regional Park, the bridge features a first-time engineering accomplishment, complying with NZS 4121: 2001 Disabled Access on a fully suspended and inclined deck. When the judges visited the structure, they were astonished by the minimal damage to adjacent trees and vegetation during the bridge’s construction.

Sustainable Construction Techniques

Martin Wilson explained the company’s approach to sustainable construction, stating, “We are quite used to achieving this. Clever use of heli-lifting, minimal excavations, a love for nature, and a simple construction plan all contribute to environmental sustainability.”

Celebrating Success at the Awards Ceremony

Upon the announcement of Abseil Access’s success, Martin Wilson was joined on stage by Charles Loader, General Manager, and Mat Chalker from the construction team to celebrate their accomplishment. This recognition highlights the team’s dedication to innovative engineering and sustainable construction practices, which set Abseil Access apart in the industry.


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