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A company vehicle parked near a newly constructed wooden suspension bridge over a calm river. The bridge, supported by large wooden towers and steel cables, features a weight limit sign indicating a maximum load of 10 persons. Lush greenery surrounds the scene, reflecting a serene, rural landscape.

Building a Greener Future for New Zealand

The 2021–24 National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) released by the Waka Kotahi, NZ transport agency (NZTA), sees investment of $910 million on new shared pathways, bike routes, walkways, and pedestrian facilities across the country. This investment package builds on the success of the previous three years’ investment of $518 million, which saw a growing number of cyclists using our urban networks. In Wellington, the number of cyclists was up 15% last year, while cyclist numbers in Christchurch grew by 20%, and in Auckland, numbers have been up 8.3% since 2019.