A company vehicle parked near a newly constructed wooden suspension bridge over a calm river. The bridge, supported by large wooden towers and steel cables, features a weight limit sign indicating a maximum load of 10 persons. Lush greenery surrounds the scene, reflecting a serene, rural landscape.

Tukituki Bridge Waipukarau

Waipukarau is situated on the Tukituki River. Abseil Access were invited to design a 93m bridge that could cross the river to join two cycle trails together. The final design was a 93m deck supported by 9m high towers 63m apart with a 10-person load capacity.

The deck width of 1.2m allowed bikes to pass one another. The tower pads had additional 250SED piles driven to refusal in the river sand. 30m3 of concrete were poured to ensure solid foundations for the anchor blocks and the tower pads. The bridge was load tested to 3 tons on completion.

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