Geotechnical slope stabilisation is in progress on a steep embankment, showing a network of soil nails and wire mesh to reinforce and protect the slope. The soil nails, protruding from the dark, freshly stabilised earth, are systematically arranged and anchored. At the same time, the mesh covers the upper section of the slope to prevent rockfall, ensuring structural integrity and safety.

Whaka Terrace Emergency Road Support

Abseil Access was approached to assist with the emergency support works for the Whaka Terrace roadway above the endangered house below at Enticott Place. The slip under the roadway was created by the saturation of the ground from a water feed under the roadway.

We partnered with RDA consulting for the design of the temporary support works which are designed to be incorporated into the permanent solution. The works were deemed essential and conducted under Covid L3 restrictions.

A heavy-lifting crane hoists a large boulder into a dump trailer, showcasing the machinery's strength and precision. The crane's steel cable and hook system securely grips the rough, irregular-shaped rock, indicative of works typically involved in geotechnical projects or rockfall protection services. In the background, a bright orange excavator stands ready for further groundwork under clear blue skies.

The work included:

  • Scala Penetrometer tests
  • Design and installation of the vertical support micropiles and sub-horizontal soil nails consisting of Ischebeck Titan 30/11 SDA anchors into 110mm diameter anchor holes
  • Geofabrics MacMat R retaining mesh
  • Vertical Acrow prop supports under the undermined roadway gabion wall
  • Removal of loose concrete panels from under the roadway

Abseil Access drilled off a 13-ton excavator from either side of the site so that the installed anchors could support the roadway before we moved the excavator further over the undermined roadway. The roadway was continually monitored to ensure that it was not subsiding under the pressure of the works.

Mesh was installed onto the anchors and slip face to provide additional protection from erosion. Acrow props were installed to support the overhanging roadway, with their bases supported by the vertical micropiles.

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A close-up view of geotechnical engineering work in progress. Two workers in high visibility vests and safety helmets operate drilling equipment to install soil nails into an excavated slope. The scene reveals the intricate setup of hydraulic drilling machinery, blue flexible pipes, and steel reinforcement, all of the measures taken to stabilise the hillside and prevent erosion.
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