Ropes suspend two technicians inside a vast cylindrical shaft, their figures illuminated by headlamps against the dark, textured walls of the tunnel. This shows the challenging conditions and heights involved in industrial rope access work.

Manapouri Hydropower Station

Manapouri hydro-electric power station has seven 200m vertical penstocks cut out of the rock to feed the underground turbines. Abseil Access have developed a refined and turnkey access solution to inspecting these penstocks. This solution has been utilised by Meridian Energy for almost 20 years. The seven penstocks received an initial concrete condition assessment which included taking core samples and creating detailed map of the inspection area. A future programme of inspections was then developed to monitor the ongoing condition.

Inspecting underground penstocks requires a substantial amount of planning, experience, and specialization for safe project execution. Electrical core drilling was achieved in a dark, wet environment 200m underground. Abseil Access prides itself in providing the access and inspection solution to the Manapouri hydroelectricity station and being a part of the history of this engineering feat.

Manapouri Hydropower Station case study project.
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