Rope access technicians in bright orange safety gear are secured with harnesses on a steep grassy slope. They are working above a winding river valley with a backdrop of majestic snow-capped mountains under a clear blue sky, with the sun casting a brilliant glare on the water.

Waimakariri Bluffs, Arthurs Pass

Abseil Access was engaged by the New Zealand Transport Authority to carry out rockfall mitigation works on two sections of the Waimakariri Bluffs above SH73 at Arthurs Pass. Abseil Access first performed scaling work and removed features that could hinder future work to make the area safe for the drill team. 6500m­­­2­­ of HR Rockfall Drape Mesh was then installed across the two sites by rope access personnel.

Using a combination of self-drilling and open hole anchors, our 14 person team successfully completed 1290m of Drilling and anchoring.

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