A sturdy suspension bridge spans a rocky, barren landscape with a shallow river running beneath. The bridge, supported by solid metal towers, is marked by a sign indicating a maximum load of one person. In the background, majestic snow-capped mountains loom over the rugged terrain, enhancing the scene's remote and wild atmosphere.

Waihianoa Bridge, Mt Ruapehu

Abseil Access won the tender for the rebuild of the 55m swing bridge across the Waihianoa stream on the southeast corner of the busy Round the Mountain track on Mt Ruapehu. The Existing bridge had reached the end of its life and was removed during the construction process.

Due to the altitude of the project, a camp was established at 1500m in the alpine zone, on the slopes of an active volcano. Due to access limitations, all camp supplies and building materials were flown in by helicopter. The trail remained open throughout the project, with the public being able to cross the stream using a temporary bridge.

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