A remote rock slope with sparse vegetation. A lone figure in red can be seen abseiling down the steep, grey cliff face, almost blending into the rugged terrain, exemplifying the scale and isolation of geotechnical work in natural settings.

Waiouru Army TRG Area Weed Eradication

The habitat of tussock and alpine beech has been invaded by Pinus Contorta over the past 40 years. Weeds and pests have been tackled thoroughly and the Contorta eradication is the largest of its type in New Zealand.

Amongst the rugged landscape is numerous mountain gorges up to 300m deep with sheer rock walls to which the Contorta cling. Abseil Access has been systematically searching these areas since 1995 on a 3-year rotation of each of the 23 designated areas using rope access and helicopter access.

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