Rangitikei River Conservation

The Rangitikei River cuts a winding path through the Kaimanawa foothills for more than 30km, carving out cliffs up to 200m high through the landscape. Despite the near-vertical terrain, the cliffs are heavily vegetated, and the isolated area was infested with the weed, White Bryony. The plant is a seasonal vine that grows into the high canopy and smothers the native bush. It has only been found in two locations in NZ and currently is at a stage where total eradication is possible. In order to kills the plant, its subterranean tuber needs to be cut and poisoned. On female plants, the vines must be untangled and all the berries collected. All cuttings and berries are then disposed of in sealed composting areas.

Abseil Access won the tender for the 2009 season eradication programme. Over 300 abseil drops (up to 200m high) were established along the northern cliffs. The exact locations of the drops and bryony found are marked on a cliff elevation to assist with yearly re-visiting of the site.

  • Industrial Rope Access
  • Helicopter Access
  • 200 meter Abseil Drops
  • White Bryony Survey
  • White Bryony Weed Eradication
  • Sealed Disposal of Weed
  • Mapping of Clearance Locations

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