Two technicians with safety harnesses inspect a large, cylindrical metal shaft silhouetted against a luminescent circular opening at the top. Their ropes and equipment cast long shadows on the curved reflective interior walls, conveying depth and scale.

Hawera Dairy Plant SS Driver Inspection

Abseil Access provides rope access services across the dairy industry. NZMP in Hawera had 8 stainless steel driers which required full surface crack detection and weld repairs. The project required strict hygiene requirements, confined space entry (CSE), NDT, welding, and rope access to be delivered within short shut down periods.

To achieve full coverage of the 15-meter internal circumference, Abseil Access utilised our aluminium telescopic modular truss boom. Inspectors worked in pairs delivering an exceptional results for all inspection and repairs. Cyclones, ring driers, ducting, and silos are also inspected.

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