Ahikiwi and Parore Bridges

The twin 66m bridges of Ahikiwi and Parore stand as shining examples of community-driven, collaborative infrastructure projects that redefine local connectivity. These vital links were built for the Far North District Council as part of the new Kaihu River trails near Dargaville. Local civil firm United Civil partnered with Abseil Access, drawing upon the respective strengths of both organisations to successfully execute this project, which served as a homecoming for one of the project’s key contributors.

Project Execution

The project’s inception saw the collaboration of Abseil Access with United Civil, a local civil engineering firm. This partnership facilitated local involvement and insights and melded local understanding with specialist bridge-building knowledge.

Leading the construction team was Matt Thom, Abseil Access’s senior bridge build supervisor and a Far North native. He felt immense pride in contributing back to his community and utilising his specialised skills to enhance the lives of his people. His intimate familiarity with the region and his professional expertise became an invaluable asset to the project.

Matt went a step further by involving extended family members in the construction process, fostering a sense of community participation and ownership in the project. This local engagement contributed significantly to the project’s overall success and ensured that local insights and preferences were incorporated at all stages of the bridge-building process.

The two bridges, Ahikiwi and Parore, were completed in March 2023, marking a significant milestone in developing the new Kaihu River trails.


The successful completion of the Ahikiwi and Parore bridges marks a significant achievement for the Far North District Council and the communities these structures serve. By harnessing local knowledge, professional expertise, and community involvement, these bridges have set the stage for an enriched local transportation network and improved accessibility.

The bridges facilitate travel across the Kaihu River trails and symbolise the strength of the community and its capacity to come together to accomplish significant infrastructural milestones. The project has paved the way for constructing more bridges along the trail, promising a continued commitment to enhancing connectivity and community involvement in the region. The legacy of this successful project extends far beyond its physical structure, instilling a sense of pride and accomplishment in the Far North community.

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