The Wainui Catchment Track Network Bridge

The project for constructing the 75m bridge in the Wainui Catchment area was a remarkable endeavour commissioned by the Greater Wellington Regional Council. The bridge serves as a critical infrastructure for enhancing the Wainui catchment track network and the upcoming predator-proof sanctuary. Given the outstanding success of the nearby Pakuratahi and Birchville bridges, the council entrusted Abseil Access with the complete design and build package for the new structure.

Project Execution

The bridge’s location was chosen with exceptional care to ensure minimal disruption to the surrounding flora and the pristine creek. The challenge was harmonising the bridge into its natural environment without compromising structural integrity or functionality. This approach underscores a profound commitment to sustainability and ecological preservation, guiding principles throughout the project.

The project timeline was impressive, with concept-to-construction signoff achieved in less than 12 months. This time frame reflects the efficiency and professionalism of the Abseil Access team. They employed innovative construction techniques and meticulous planning to ensure the project proceeded smoothly and swiftly without compromising the health of the surrounding ecosystem or the quality of the final product.

The bridge’s design was guided by its intended function within the catchment area’s broader infrastructure and by the upcoming predator-proof sanctuary’s requirements. These considerations shaped decisions around materials, structure, and aesthetics, resulting in a bridge that is both robust and in harmony with its surroundings.


The successful completion of the Wainui Catchment Track Network Bridge is a testament to effective project management, sustainable construction practices, and thoughtful design. The project exemplifies how infrastructure can be developed and executed with a minimal ecological footprint while maintaining high standards of functionality and aesthetics.

The 75m structure is a crucial part of the upgraded track network and the upcoming sanctuary, facilitating easier access and promoting conservation efforts in the region. The project’s success underscores the strength of the collaboration between Abseil Access and the Greater Wellington Regional Council and sets a high standard for future regional developments.

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Wainui Bridge Case Study
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