A group of ten cyclists in colourful biking attire, including helmets and safety vests, posing by a new wooden bridge with their bicycles. The bridge, marked with a sign stating 'Max Load 10 Person', spans over a calm river in a serene rural setting with clear skies and greenery.

Upukarora Bridge, Te Anau

The Te Anau Cycle Trail is another addition to the network of cycle trails throughout Otago and Southland. NZTA invited Abseil Access to design and build this bridge for the Fiordland Trail Trust in Te Anau. Its location adjacent to the road bridge enables cyclists and pedestrians a safer route than SH94.

Main cable anchors and tower foundations are mass blocks 30mPa concrete. The 20mm IWRC main cables support 5 tons of deck as well as a 24kN live load. Abseil Access achieved deck stability using a unique continuously laminated kickboard and under-deck catenary cables.

“It was a pleasure working with the Abseil Access bridge team. They looked after every aspect of the design, engineering, consenting, and build, and our bridge was completed and signed off within budget and on time. I would recommend them to anyone”

John O’Neill
Network Manager Project Co-Ordinator
Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency


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Upukerora Bridge, Te Anau Case Study
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