An aerial view of a slender wooden suspension bridge crossing over a tranquil river, surrounded by lush trees and a green landscape under a bright blue sky.

Oraka Stream Suspension Bridge, Tirau

Abseil Access was awarded the tender for the design and construction of a suspension bridge over the Oraka Stream for access from the Lower Domain to the Tirau Upper Domain Project. The project includes walking paths, a multi-use field, and a dog exercise area, all located where SH1 and SH5 intersect, between Tirau and Rotorua. The Tirau Domain Action Group with the support of the Raukawa Charitable Trust has been instrumental in this project.

Abseil Access proposed the use of a suspension bridge of a design that is attractive and remains sympathetic to the rural character of the reserve, whilst also ensuring no waterway restrictions, and reducing any environmental impact to the minimum. The bridge team worked very hard to complete the bridge in 6 weeks – just before Christmas on the 20 December.

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