Two technicians in high-visibility orange gear are suspended by ropes on a steep grey cliff face in the process of applying shotcrete as part of slope stabilisation works. They work beneath a wide metallic mesh designed for rockfall protection, with equipment hoses trailing beside them. Below, the calm, muddy waters at the cliff's base are visible.

Shotcrete Slope Stabilisation

In Blackrock Road, Wellington, the loose slope behind two residential properties had experienced several slips and required a shotcrete wall solution to secure the bank.

The repair of the slope consisted of inserting 17 anchors to a depth of 5m, then applying double-layered galvanised mesh to reinforce the anchors. Once this was secure a 120mm layer of shotcrete was applied to the face of the slope to prevent any further slips. The job was finished with the addition of new fences to comply with building consent requirements

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