An aerial view captures the radiant morning sun over a picturesque coastal scene with a team of rope access workers on a steep, tree-covered hillside. Below, the calm bay hosts a moored ship, and adjacent, an ornate red and cream building stands out. The workers are tethered, performing vegetation management to maintain the beauty and safety of the urban cliff face.

Oriental Parade 158

The recent slip and the resulting exposed slope put the residents in the property below at risk. Abseil Access Ltd won the tendering process for the slope stabilization project on Oriental Parade 158 to mitigate this risk.

The project involved many of Abseil Access’ geotechnical services such as galvanised steel fencing and hydroseeding.

Technicians in high-visibility gear work meticulously on a hillside with a large geotextile mesh anchored by white plates. The workers employ specialised equipment for the installation, which is visible by their careful positioning on the steep terrain. In the background, the upper portion of a historical building adds a cultural element to the scene of rigorous environmental engineering.

The work included:

  • 39x RB25 Rock Anchors up to 6m deep in 100mm holes
  • 200m2 Maccaferri Steelgrid HR PVC100 and HR PVC30
  • 200m2 of Biomac erosion matting and 50x soil filled hessian bags with plants to support growth on this steep slope
  • 100kJ rockfall fence at the toe of slope with 5m deep 22mm steel cable strand anchors
  • Hydroseeding
  • 1.2m high pedestrian galvanized steel fence at the top of slope

The challenging access to the slope was managed using rope access techniques and creative rigging. Limited parking on a steep street and pedestrian traffic as well as residents in the property below had to be managed. The project was completed within budget fulfilling all QA and safety requirements of the client and the consultant.

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A captivating image showcasing workers scaling a reinforced geotextile-covered slope beneath an impressive red and cream church with a statue and a steeple. The hillside installation highlights the melding of technology and nature, with dense greenery on either side. This setting exemplifies modern engineering integration into the historical and natural landscape.
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