Construction workers in high-visibility clothing and safety harnesses carefully navigate a narrow temporary wooden walkway suspended above a river. The walkway is supported by cables and steel structures, with a lush tropical forest and cloud-covered mountains in the background.

Ok Tedi River at Tabubil Township, PNG

The changing course of the mighty Ok Tedi river resulted in the main road bridge between Tabubil mining town and Okma village becoming unusable. Abseil Access were engaged to resolve this problem which had resulted in a number of drownings over the past 15 years.

Abseil Access worked on various solution options with the client before deciding on utilizing the strongest part of the existing structure. The likely continuing erosion of the true right banks required an extra-long bridge to ensure a long life.

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic the site was not able to be visited prior to work starting and surveying and foundation work was carried out by local resources under remote supervision.

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